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Napa Design Partners: Architecture

Style, innovation, and functionality are not just buzzwords at Napa Design Partners. Whether designing new buildings or focusing on preserving historical features and values of older structures, the professionals at Napa Design Partners are passionate about ensuring their clients receive maximum satisfaction from each unique project.

From the initial pre-design brainstorming session to the final walkthrough inspection, Napa Design Partners offers ongoing collaborative support and communication throughout.

Passion for Design & Architecture

Fully committed to retaining the rich, fascinating history of Napa Valley, Napa Design Partners endeavors to protect and preserve the area’s historic properties, cooperating closely with responsible organizations to maintain the area’s cultural heritage.

Coordinated Services for a Seamless Experience

Napa Design Partners presents a full scope of architectural services that include:

  • Tenant improvements and innovation
  • New construction
  • Interior design
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) procurement

Napa Design Partners: Our Process

As noted, Napa Design Partners offers a holistic approach to building and customizing commercial and private spaces. Projects range from simple space planning to full-scale renovation and construction. These may include tenant improvements, new build designs (including the necessary submittals), and ultimately overseeing the construction phase to ensure a complete and seamless experience.

Napa Design Partners will proactively coordinate with consulting engineers and local administrative agencies to eliminate any roadblocks before they arise.

The professionals at Napa Design Partners work with their clients through the following process sequence:

Phase 1: Pre-Design

During the initial phase, the Design Partners and clients will evaluate prospective properties or buildings. This process may include:

  • Environmental analysis and impact evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Community opinion and participation

Phase 2: Schematic Design Presentation

Once the build or remodel location is determined, Napa Design Partners will present multiple sketches for the client’s consideration. This collaborative brainstorming session helps to uncover the client’s preferences and usually provides additional insights.

Phase 3: Design Development

During this project phase, the Design Team begins to develop representative drawings to present to the client. Where necessary, Napa Design Partners will invite outside consultants to contribute specific technical details to the consultation.

Phase 4: Construction Documents

The Design Team will develop a complete set of drawings depicting precise information and measurements that will be conveyed to the construction contractor, who will execute the project with oversight from Napa Design Partners. Close collaboration between the designer and builder will prevent confusion and misunderstanding while the project is underway.

Pricing: Bidding and Negotiation

Napa Design Partners will offer referrals for trusted construction contractors whom they have worked with successfully in the past. The client can then review detailed bids to decide which company should perform the job.


To ensure a seamless transition from plan to execution, the Napa Design Partner architect will perform regular site visits to oversee progress, ensure compliance, maintain control over the outcome, and answer questions that may arise.

Napa Design Partners’ continuing oversight eliminates the confusion that sometimes occurs when translating complex plans from the designer to the construction crew.

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